Smart sensors change processes, smart solutions change the world.

True to the slogan »einfach smart«, we develop holistic, technical solutions for intelligent waste disposal that offer you genuine added value right from the outset – making sustainable, resource-conserving business operations truly simple.


For us, smart is not a matter of technology
but of principle.

Here at adhoc, we want to play our part in making the world a better place. And we believe that to do this, we need solutions that are easy to use, reliable. As such, we support you with intelligent fill level monitoring with flexible, customisable hard- and software and a comprehensive service package.


adhoc smart waste is a solution where everyone wins.

Our solution is a holistic system that comprises hardware, software and a service package. The up-to-date, data is displayed to you at all times on a user friendly web platform that is independent of other IT systems. And best of all: thanks to our all-inclusive subscription model, you only pay for the provision of the data.

Environmentally and budget friendly

The up-to-date overview of container fill levels at all times enables waste collections to be arranged as needed, avoiding both unnecessary journeys and overfilled containers. This saves fuel, time and money.

Future friendly

Thanks to reliable log data, e.g. waste collection processes and usage analyses, resource planning can be continuously improved and its efficiency optimised.

People friendly

Your customers and citizens naturally also benefit from optimised processes, improved products and better services.

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Well-engineered systems for satisfied customers

Discover first hand how we have supported our customers with smart solutions and been able to implement genuine added value.

How can we make your waste »smart«?

We will be more than happy to discuss how vartios can help you optimise your processes and make the most of your resources.


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