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ABK Fröhlich Lachs

Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb Kiel (ABK) is digitizing waste collection by deploying our Smart Waste solution in 100 underground systems and thus is improving ecological and economic sustainability.

Underground systems are becoming increasingly popular, especially in urban areas. The systems use less space than above-ground containers. At the same time, the larger volume of the containers allows a larger quantity of waste and recyclable materials to be collected, thus potentially reducing the number of trips required to empty them. Underground systems are therefore very well suited for the use of fill level systems, in order to ensure that collections are only carried out when the containers are actually full.

In Kiel, as in other cities, the number of underground systems is growing steadily. The ABK currently has one vehicle for emptying the containers and would have to purchase new vehicles if the number of containers continues to increase. By using our fill level solution, the collection routes can be optimized and very cost-intensive investments in new vehicles can be avoided. In addition, overfilling can be detected and corrected in time, which otherwise often results in illegal dumping of waste next to the containers. The cost-intensive cleaning of sites is eliminated and a much cleaner cityscape is ensured.

The saved trips not only save CO2 emissions, but also reduce truck traffic and the associated traffic noise. In many ways, a big plus for a modern, clean and people-friendly city!

We are very happy to cooperate with ABK and to support the city of Kiel in its efforts to become a Zero Waste City!

Picture (from left):
Michael Ebert, adhoc networks
Arne Fröhlich, ABK
Thorsten Lachs, ABK
Christian Wedekind, adhoc networks

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