Blog > Smart WasteEnhanced collection detection - now available!

  • Collection detection from now on via acceleration and fill level (two methods)*
  • Notification and verification option in case of implausible data
  • Graphs for data analysis available in the collection menu

*Functionality may require a sensor firmware update, please contact support.

Collection events of containers emptied by crane vehicle are detected automatically. To do this, the sensor evaluates the acceleration of the container. If a collection is detected, the fill level before and after the event is transmitted to the adhoc cloud. The collection event is then also checked in the cloud using the fill level history.

nov23_1 (All platform graphs showing German version)

This ensures that the quantities are recorded as accurately as possible. In addition, the fill level after collection can be used to check whether the empty distance for the container is configured correctly.

In the collection menu, the collections and the recorded fill levels are listed in a table. The volume and approx. weight (via the averaged density of the waste type) are also displayed.


1: Period, fractions and locations can be filtered in the filter area.

2: The bar graphs show the total recorded quantities of the selected waste types in the time period.

3: The average fill level during collection per type and calendar week is displayed in the progression diagram.

4: Click on the info symbol to display the details of the respective emptying. The automatically recorded data can be edited manually.


The emptying process can also be deleted using the recycle bin symbol.

5: If the fill level is reduced by less than 10% after emptying, an exclamation mark is displayed in the first column. Click on the exclamation mark to open the detailed view of the emptying. The data can now be checked, corrected or the emptying deleted.

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