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EBL Machinia Oldach 03-23

After a successful trial phase with the adhoc smart waste system, EBL is now starting productive operation to optimize logistics with the help of fill level monitoring.

Following a successful trial phase, Entsorgungsbetriebe Lübeck (EBL) is starting operation in 160 containers with the adhoc networks fill level monitoring system. In the first step, textiles and paper containers will be equipped.

160 Oscar sensors

"We want to use the information about the fill levels in the textiles containers to initially optimize our tours and avoid overfilling," says Dirk Machinia, head of the waste management department at EBL. "In the area of paper and carboard, we are particularly focusing on highly frequented locations in the city center to ensure a clean cityscape."

In a further step, the data will then also be made available to citizens so that everyone can see which sites are still receptive.

EBL has opted for the adhoc smart waste subscription for the 160 containers and thus receives a holistic solution for fill level monitoring for a flat monthly fee: sensors, platform for evaluation, mobile application and smooth operation of the system with remote monitoring and availability guarantee included. EBL installs the sensors and assigns them to the containers in the platform themselves, thanks to user-friendly installation, intuitive support via mobile application and detailed instructions.

We are very pleased about the now continued and significantly extended cooperation with EBL and thank them for the great collaboration!

Photo (from left):
Christian Wedekind, Senior Product Manager, adhoc networks
Dirk Machinia, Abteilungsleiter Abfallwirtschaft, EBL
Andreas Oldach, Disponent Abfallwirtschaft Logistik

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