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adhoc smart waste – the solution for intelligent fill level monitoring and waste container emptying from adhoc networks

Smart city garbage container smart waste disposal

How smart can waste be? Waste would admittedly be truly smart if it were not created in the first place, but a world without waste is (still) a utopia. We therefore want to make a real, tangible contribution to resolving the existing problems and challenges in relation to waste disposal – to enable you to make optimum use of your resources.

The status quo is
not an option.

The lack of reliable data on fill levels and waste volumes poses major challenges for waste disposal companies:

Fluctuating waste volumes

Seasonal influences, trends and specific occurrences, such as coronavirus, result in fluctuating waste volumes that are hard to predict or calculate.

Fixed volume and fixed collection intervals

The fixed container volume and fixed collection intervals are not ideal for the sometimes highly fluctuating waste volumes. This results in containers being emptied too frequently or too rarely.

Increasing use of systems that cannot be visibly monitored

A particular challenge in urban areas is that waste containers that cannot be visibly monitored make it hard to quickly assess how full they are.

High additional cleaning costs

Cleaning overfilled containers and the area around them that usually ends up scattered with waste is costly and requires additional work.

Keep an eye on fill levels at all times – with smart waste from adhoc
adhoc networks smart fill level monitoring underfloor container closed
adhoc networks smart fill level monitoring underfloor container open

Our solution
is adhoc smart waste.

Our system is designed to provide benefit from day one. As such, we do not believe that it is enough to simply install smart, robust and reliable sensors. We want a holistic solution. And that needs more: the right web platform and the convenience of a comprehensive system.

system instead of an isolated solution Hardware. Software. Service.

  • 100% in-house development for customisable design and optimum function
  • Reliable fill level capture through the optical measuring principle (LIDAR)
  • Robust design and long battery life
  • High data availability thanks to the use of the narrowband IoT wireless standard
  • Optional external antenna available for difficult installation conditions
  • Temperature measurement included, further data possible on request (e.g. humidity, geoposition, acceleration/movement)
  • No program installation required
  • Data on fill levels, collection intervals and history etc. available via a specially developed web platform
  • Dashboard and evaluations can be tailored to your needs
  • Independent of other IT systems
  • No changes to existing IT infrastructure required
  • Data can be made available to other systems via an interface, e.g. for visualising fill levels and capacities in citizen service apps
  • We ensure the entire system works smoothly
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting of all sensors included
  • Low risk and low investment requirement thanks to subscription model
Future readyAdditional data can be added at any time: GPS, humidity, acceleration, access flap status
adhoc networks NB-IoT wireless sensor
adhoc networks NB-IoT wireless sensor transparent
adhoc networks smart waste vartios software dashboard

adhoc smart waste –
the benefits

A clear picture

You can finally get a detailed and precise picture at all times, e.g. of container fill levels and collection processes.

Needs-oriented planning

The up-to-date overview of waste volumes enables waste collections to be arranged as needed, avoiding both unnecessary journeys and overfilled containers.

More service

Your customers and citizens also benefit from the collated information, e.g. about fill levels, through improved products and services.

Protects the environment and saves money

Processes can be reliably optimised thanks to real-time data: savings can be made on fuel and man hours plus containers can be efficiently used.

Only pay for what you really need:
The data in the subscription model

Obtain maximum benefits and added value conveniently and without risk thanks to our subscription model: to enable you to fully focus on your core business and the optimisation of your processes and resources, we supply you with the necessary data – while also ensuring the entire system works safely and reliably.

Benefit from low investment costs, minimal additional work and complete cost control thanks to a transparent monthly flat-rate fee (that not only covers the provision of the data but also any maintenance or repair work, the sensors and the web platform). All you need to do is perform the initial installation as per our detailed instructions and conduct a visual inspection once a year.

Give it a try for free – the adhoc smart waste test package

Do you work in a company in the waste disposal industry and want to check out the benefits of our solution for yourself?

Smart city garbage container smart waste disposal

A look behind the scenes

As none of the sensors and web applications currently available on the market meet our requirements for an ideal and truly smart system, we are committed to developing our own hard- and software.

adhoc networks smart sensor solutions
adhoc networks custom engineering sensor technology

Custom engineering:
you know the problem, we’ll find the solution.

With our many years of experience in IoT, sensor technology and wireless sensor networks, we find solutions to a wide range of challenges relating to monitoring and data capture.

We will gladly work with you to develop the ideal system for your needs. Arrange an appointment right away to find out more about how we can support you.

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