Surveillance: 360°, 24/7

VARTIOS, the innovative surveillance system


Comprehensive, flexible, reliable and stand-alone – Ad·Hoc Networks has developed an innovative modular security system that displays every one of these characteristics: VARTIOS.

VARTIOS enables large spaces that are lacking in infrastructure – train tracks, sidings, motorways, wind power stations, construction sites, vacant lots, warehouses, etc. – to reach achieve new levels of security. VARITOS is GSM-assisted, compact and has the flexibility to meet individual needs, thereby providing protection against theft, vandalism and trespassing. VARTIOS is already meeting the performance demands that will be placed on the security systems of the future.

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Ad·Hoc – bringing another dimension
to data logging

Flexible sensor networking for customisable data logging

Up until now in areas that are lacking in infrastructure, in areas with difficult-to-access or inaccessible premises or in dangerous areas, effective data logging was either very expensive or even impossible. Ad Hoc Networks solves this problem by using an innovative concept that allows for data to be logged even in the most unfavourable conditions. This groundbreaking concept is exceptional because of its flexible wireless network and also because of its compact and energy-efficient measurement modules that can be equipped with a variety of highly sensitive sensors. Because this solution uses a variety of sensors and also compiles the data that it collects, its range of applications is almost limitless. Moreover, for each situation the modules recreate a suitable infrastructure automatically – resulting in blanket coverage for the measuring network every time. The flexibility, reliability and efficiency of this system holds true in every situation. The system is being launched onto the security technology market for the very first time under the name VARTIOS. VARTIOS takes advantage of the benefits of wireless networking, thereby offering reliable security for large areas as well as areas or buildings that are otherwise difficult to monitor.

Ole Ostermann

Ole Ostermann, founder and managing director of Ad·Hoc Networks


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